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Record Player Needle


DJ set (up to 5 hours) - £650

Description: A fully self-contained DJ set up is provided, including DJ booth, DJ equipment, full-range sound system, and dance floor lighting, all supplied as standard. A typical DJ set is between 3-5 hours.

Additional time - £100 per hour

Description: For DJ sets longer than 5 hours.

DJ set (up to 5 hours) with early setup - £900

Includes option for background music and/or microphone management prior to main DJ set

Description: For certain events where an early set up (more than 2 hours before start time) is required. This is a common requirement for weddings so that the equipment can be set up before any guests arrive. It also allows for the use of our sound system and microphones prior to the main DJ set.


Travel (up to 60 miles of our base) - No charge

Description: We are based on the border of Hampshire and West Sussex in Petersfield. We do not charge for travel to events within 60 miles of us - This includes most of London, Surrey, Hampshire, and West Sussex.

Travel (more than 60 miles) - £1 per mile

Description: We do not charge for the first 60 miles. Travel to destinations further afield is charged at £1 per mile.

Accommodation - £TBD (usually approx. £60) 

Description: For certain events, we need to charge for overnight accommodation. This is mainly for events more than 60 miles from our base or with finish times after midnight. Price for this is dependant on location and availability.



Jan/Feb/Mar - 10% discount

Description: A 10% discount will be applied to all quotes for events taking place from 1st January to 31st March.

Charity - 10% discount

Description: A 10% discount will be applied to all quotes for registered charities.


New Years Eve - 25% increase

Description: A 25% increase will be applied to quotes for events on NYE.

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